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As warm as a home dining room, with the variety of a restaurant, the Orleans Room offers tasty, well-balanced meals at several cooking stations with many dishes made-to-order.  Come visit The Grill,  Deli, and Classics stations, which feature delectable dishes to satisfy many dietary preferences.  Located in the heart of the Orleans Room, our Chow Bar boasts a daily selection of fresh salad greens and a variety of fresh and locally grown toppings.  You can also find many other dining options at the Chow bar, like baked potato bar, daily soup selections,  and fresh fruit and yogurt bar.   In addition to all the wonderful dining options , we also offer the  Simple*  Servings station,  a nationally recognized program providing an allergen and gluten-safe dining experience. 


* The "Simple" means we use minimally processes foods that are free from most common allergens and gluten-containing ingredients.